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Jon Ross Art
Jon, PAC man - Prof., Artistic, Creative

Jon Ross Art

Jon, PAC man - Prof., Artistic, Creative


About Me

In 2009, I was diagnosed with liver cancer. After months of waiting, I underwent a liver transplant. During the 5 month recovery, I fell in love with comics. I began dreaming up ideas and stories to inspire people and to give audiences the escape that I found in them. Since the transplant, I've been wholly devoted to learning how to improve my art and storytelling. In 2010, I got critiques from Marvel artists. At that time, I had a lot of room for improvement, so I worked every day from their advice to fill the gap. Now, my new work is ready to be shown. I want to share my stories and my art with millions of people like me who want a great new story and great art that takes them there.

Live Painting

Jon Ross performs paintings to the popular tracks of the day. He films the process in real time and the result is music video focusing on the painted image of the musical artist and the lively process of its creation.

Graphic Design

Jon has worked as Bernard K. Passman's graphic designer for 2+ years. His job entails photographing high end jewelry and sculptures, and designing their ads for malls, ports of call, magazines, billboards, and many other forms of advertisement.
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